Monday, October 12, 2015


I'm learning more and more that kids are just little humans.

Weirdest sentence ever, right?

What I mean by that is, they need to be trained. So many of us look at a child that's acting up & automatically sum them up. We anticipate all the trouble they will have as a middle-schooler, teenager, adult...

When really they are no different than us, we've just learnt to hide our "issues" better.

We all go through different seasons in our lives. We go through rebellion, pain, stretching, happiness, excitement... our seasons are ever-changing and hopefully we are ever learning.

As parent's/adults we need to learn that the kids in our lives aren't defined by their behavior, they have time to change, & they will grow if we put in the effort & don't get discouraged. We need to learn to give children room to learn. No one comes out perfect & no one learns good behavior without guidance. A seed doesn't become an oak tree overnight. It takes water & sunlight & sometimes a rod to keep it growing straight, but eventually it's strong enough to grow right & "suddenly" it produces fruit.

Don't let your child's behavior create their your mind or in theirs. Never stop training, loving, encouraging, correcting, & instilling into them what's right.

Think about it, your parents had all the same fears & concerns you do (at least to some degree). Everyone wants to raise a good human turned out ok! Trust God & His method.

Oh & just a quick note to the adults in the room...that's why we have pastors! They "never stop training, loving, encouraging, correcting, & instilling into US what's right." See... we all get to keep growing.

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