Monday, December 7, 2015

Oh the kindness of our God.

Oh the kindness of our God. 

The faithfulness He has shown is infinite. It was His goodness that brought us to repentance, His love that cleansed us, & it is His mercy that keeps us. 

In our struggle and our fight, He is rest. 
In our pain, He is healing.
He is joy. 
He is hope. 

He is every answer to every question & He is ever faithful as we work out our salvation. 

From the wobbly steps of a new Christian, to the stubborn & prideful thoughts of the aged. He is there to prune. He is there to bring us into the right places, to bring us into strength & humility. He will never stop loving you, & He will never stop growing you. 

Oh the kindness of the One who took our place & Who, regardless of our failures, declares that we are His beloved. 

With a love that never fails, He loves us.
With a salvation that makes us completely new, He has saved us. 

Oh the kindness of our God that never gives up, never lessens, never changes. He is the One who has saved us, He is the One we are trusting with our lives. He is God & we are His, 

Now let us rest in the kindness of our God.

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