Thursday, March 5, 2015

even if your voice shakes

People like to say, "no mess, no message."

I say, "bologna!"

I was raised in the church, living for God from a very young age, had it good, didn't have any "huge" (as if they can be measured??) sin issues, never really had a big ol' mess & guess what, I STILL HAVE A MESSAGE!

I heard a story once of a man who was asked to give his testimony. He was last in a line of 3. The first two guys had whoppers! Drugs, alcohol, affairs, stealing, murder, etc & God saved them out of it all! YES, God is that big & that awesome!

The third man was panicking...he had no big story to tell...his story was a lot like mine...until at that moment God quickened something in his heart.

God had kept him.

In a world where morals are stepped on every single day, where holiness is mocked, & a Biblical life is looked down upon... God kept this man clean.

Yes, we all sin - and for that reason we all need to be saved. I'm not saying my sin is worse or your sin is worse. We all sin & we all need Jesus.

But to say that you don't have a message because you haven't had a mess is FALSE!

If you're like me & have been blessed enough to be raised in a God-fearing, moral environment & you look at your life wondering - how can I help people when I've never gone through what they have? Know this, God has shown His power in your life. He has the power to save & keep people from sin! That is one of the greatest messages that people without hope can hear! Preach it loud.

If you have struggled with things in your past, there is no condemnation. You have a message too! God can take you out of a mess, save you & give you a message! That is one of the greatest messages that people without hope can hear! Preach it loud.

You see - we're all loved, adored, & desired by God. We all have sin in some degree, we all require Jesus & we all have a message. No one is better than another. 

Preach your message loud, even if your voice shakes. Let God use you to bring hope to the hopeless. Jesus is the answer & we need to share Him. 


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