Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I wanted to share something my Pastor said on Sunday,

"Don't stew, brew & chew on what they did (or what happened), just DO what's right & forgive."

Painful things are going to happen in our lives, but the more time we spend thinking on IT the more power we give it. Whether it was a person who hurt us, or just the circumstances of life. The sooner we begin to take that pain to God, the sooner the healing will come. Also, the more we take painful memories to God, the less power they will have over our lives. 

It's a two-fold process. We can't fool ourselves into thinking that once we start moving on from a painful experience we'll never have to deal with it again. There will be times when those memories try to come back, the pain will try to come back. We can't just brush those times off, we must take them to God & let Him continue His healing. 

When is it easier to pull out a weed? When the ground is hard & the roots are large or when the ground is soft & the root is small? Dealing with the little thoughts that are trying to grow roots will keep you. 

The Bible tells us not only to think on things that are true and honorable and right and pure, but to FIX our thoughts on those things! Don't let your mind control your thought life. Let God's Word permeate your heart & your mind. It is life & it brings health & joy in ways nothing on this earth ever can.  

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