Friday, March 25, 2016

doesn't get any better

It just doesn't get any better than Jesus Christ. 

The very best of the best of the best. The perfect most wonderful person ever; our wonderful, merciful, just Lord. His love is the most, His healing is the most, everything about Him is the most. 

There isn't a word that can capture His greatness & His perfection. He is perfectly holy & pure, He is the Christ, the Lamb of God who washed away the sins of this world & brought new life to those that would believe. 

What a wonderful Savior, so full of love. The One who paid our debt before we ever knew we owed it. Oh, what a wonderful Lord who made a way for us to be connected. The One who made a way for the dead to become alive, for the lost to be found & the sick to be healed. 

Jesus, wonderful Jesus..there's nobody like Him! 

& He loves YOU! 

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