Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Hi Friends, 

This is something that just sort of poured out of me today & I wanted to share. 

Wherever my battle may be, whatever ground I must take, I know that my God will keep me. His promise will not fail & He does not forsake. Wounded tho I may be, my Battle-Companion is also the One who heals me. Victory is sure, for it has already been won. I will stand firm as the arrows fly, my faith is my shield & my God is my sure foundation. Having done all to stand, I will stand. Hope is never lost for in the midst of my enemies, at His table I rest. My weakness does not matter, His strength is enough. I rise above the ash & dust. My heart sings a song of life & praise for my God is enough. He is all I need. He is my everything. His love overtakes me, His grace overwhelms, His mercy renews & His goodness draws. My faith is certain for it is in the One who cannot fail.

Praying you have a wonderful day! 

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